The Dwarven kingdom was forced in ancient days by their lawful good goddess. Despite facing several hundred years of onslaught by Mountain giants, they have progressed to become well renowned smiths and weapon makers.

Their armies exist in support of Goldman’s Island. The holy isle, in turn recruits many of the Dwarven Youth to learn healing and be trained as paladins. The two have united in support of the other, with the Dwarves holding a more subservient role in the relationship.

The Dwarves have learned of the blight effecting the lands around them and have girdled themselves against invaders and strangers looking to destroy light in the world.

Dwarven cities are

  • Agesh
  • Churd
  • Olock (Capital)

In the woods that buffer the Dwarven Mountains from the Goblin Ruin strange mounds releasing creatures unnatural to the area have begun to appear, which brings great concern to the Dwarves.


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