Goldman's Island

Goldman’s Island is about the size of Oklahoma and ringed by Mountains with a small pass on the south side accessible by the port city of Balbrus.

Asland is the city at the center of the island on the edge of Orion Lake.

To enter the center of the island you must pass The Diamond Gate, which judges your worthiness (Only Good Aligned Characters) and pluralizes any seeking to enter who are not worthy. While all alignments may exist in Balbrus, Goldman’s Islanders are extremely proud of their “divine nature” and those with celestial heritage often hold leadership roles in the cities.

The Order Of The Flame, while having xenophobic origins, has since realized the need of healers and blessed fighters on the large continent and now strive to extend ministries which educate and heal.

A clerical university exists in the Holy Church Of Goodness, creating the next generation of healers and holy men to do good in the world.

Blight had recently appeared in the city after outreach to heal the Undine people. The church prefers to avoid commenting on this, as the presence of corruption in the eternal holy city is extremely embarrassing. Rumor has it that those who could not be healed of the blight were sent to Balbrus to live and growing resentment is harbored by those in Balbrus who believe the citizens of Asland to push problems off on them rather than focus on long term solutions.

Goldman's Island

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