Once a great castle town nestled in the cradle of the Great Northern Mountains, Forress has since fallen into despair as the Blight has overrun the city.

Before the Blight appeared in Forress, it’s citizens subsisted by building weapons and armor for all of the continental Xiacron. Far from the spectacular instruments of war the dwarves had been creating for centuries, Forress mass produced weapons, fueling countless wars.

Recently, a massive discovery of gold has prompted the Gnomes of the Northern Mountains have allied with Forress for protection and trade. Before the Blight overwhelmed the city, the relationship had been prosperous for both groups.

Following a failed invasion of Ratfolk from the forest islands, the Blight overwhelmed Forress. While the Ratfolk were pushed back, the effects remain. Approximately 1 in every 3 citizens of Forress has or has begun to show signs of the Blight. Anarchy and chaos have spread and the government of the city have no desire or means to stop it. Unless a widespread cure for the Blight is developed soon, Forress will cease to exist. Already citizens are fleeing the city, many likely already affected with the Blight.


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