Lonely Island

The Lonely Island is under the protection of the goddess Linium, a lawful neutral deity who favors lawyers, craftsman, and wizards. Her favored race are the Samsaran, and she has advanced their society to be a remote bastion of law and magical works.

Land Mass
Originally populated by the Samsaran, this island in the southeast corner of the world is barricaded from the nearest landmasses by a natural series of tall granite cliffs.

The northern half of the island is characterized by extremely tall mountains and trees competing for light.

The south is a desert, blasted some time in the past with a meteorite that endowed the sand with specific magical properties (TBD). The Ifrit found value in the sand and started rudimentary settlements and became craftsman.

Bordering the Ifrit desert are a series of hills, populated by the more warlike Strix.

In the middle of the island, “The Pinch”, is a natural harbor with gray sand, runoff from the granite. The nearby city, (TBD), represents a meeting place for the Ifrit and Tengu who act as both trade ambassadors and mercenaries in the pay of the Samsaran.

Cultures and Civilations

Lonely Island

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